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Review: Scam at Old River – Literary Titan

Jack is no stranger to difficult situations. It’s certainly not unheard of for him to get into the occasional jam, but his current predicament might be the strangest one yet. When Jack awakens to find a stranger beating on his door, he can’t predict the wild ride on which he will soon find himself. Debbie, the woman he has been seeing, has somewhat of a secret she has been keeping from him, and the man beating down Jack’s door knows exactly what that secret is. Assuming he is about to find help for them both, Jack calls the police, only to discover that Debbie is long gone.

Scam at Old River, by Mike MacKay, is a mystery/crime novel centered around Jack Rhodes, a man skilled in both computers and martial arts. Every interaction with Jack is an adventure, and he is no stranger to romance. As the main characters go, Jack is gutsy, determined, and possesses a sense of humor that lends itself well to this genre.

Mysteries have always topped my reading lists, and MacKay’s works rank right up there. MacKay keeps readers on their toes and leads them through a series of quickly-paced events, each peppered with the perfect amount of action and intense interactions between characters. Jack is a no-nonsense guy who gets to the point but has to deal with more than his fair share of struggles as he searches for answers.

The secondary characters in MacKay’s novel are ideal companions for Jack. Their dynamics are relatable and hold readers’ interest from the book’s intense first chapter to its final pages. Stella and Jack have some truly genuine exchanges throughout the book. The way they discuss their pasts and

share with one another sets the stage for a relationship readers will cheer for from the beginning.

Jack’s unique skills make MacKay’s book a standout in the mystery genre. I found it interesting that the main character’s skillset centered around computers and processes and the way they relate to forensics. Though MacKay has chosen to give him physical strength and knowledge in martial arts, his abilities with computers make him all the more interesting.

Scam at Old River, by Mike MacKay, is a little more than 300 pages, but this novel moves quickly, keeping readers engaged and fully invested in Jack and Stella’s adventure. I highly recommend MacKay’s book to anyone looking for mystery/crime steeped in action with a touch of romance. I look forward to following Jack Rhodes throughout more of Mike MacKay’s novels.

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