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Review: Scam at Scam at Old River – Readers' Favorite

Reviewed by Trudi LoPreto for Readers' Favorite

Scam at Old River by Mike Mackay features Jack Rhodes as the main star and hero of the story with a cast of both good and bad players. Debbie is an accountant that has found some illegal goings-on and is trying to escape from her job. When Jack learns her story, he tries to step in to help by getting a job at the company she works for - Magna. Magna is a real estate company that seems to a scam. Stella is a rich hacker whom Jack meets as he tries to sell her into the Magna land deal. Marx, O’Brien, Rizzo, Conti, and Evelyn are the bad guys involved in fraud, murder, and more. Jack’s cousin Freddie is a policeman who can do things that the normal police force cannot. Jack’s task is to gather information to give to Freddie to take down the organization of criminals. There is danger around every corner but Jack is determined to see it through to the end. Scam at Old River got off to a slow start but soon was knee-deep in suspenseful excitement that offered twists, turns, surprises, and lots of crime and adventure. The good guys were extremely likable, especially Jack, and the bad guys were truly unsavory. There was a lot of detail and clear explanations as the investigation moved along. Author Mike Mackay took true facts and expertly made them into a “sit on the edge of your chair” fictional story. If you like crime, murder, and upheaval, then Scam at Old River is a book you must read and will certainly enjoy.

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