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The Essence Of The Story

Scam at Old River follows a computer forensic expert who goes undercover in the San Francisco criminal world to find a missing woman. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

I have told this story many times and my listeners said it would make a great crime/thriller novel.

You state that this novel is based on true events; what kind of research did you do to ensure you captured the essence of the story?

It is based on true events. However I had to move the location and change the names to keep me out of range of anything legal.

Hence I had to make sure the new locale was a reasonable facsimile to the original.

What experience in your life has had the biggest impact on your writing?

My wife, who says, I mustn’t overthink what I write as the first draft has a rawness to it that captures the essence of the story.

When I try to get too clever and make it more “literary” the rawness fades away.

When I show both versions to people, they always prefer the raw version.

Will there be more mysteries for Jack Rhodes, if so when can readers expect the next novel?

There are already.

Book 2 – Scam at Five Mile Road is with you for review.

Book 3 – Scam at Mt Diablo is its final stage of editing, then it will be on its way to you for a review.

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