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Messages Volume 1


The son in China was
The father in the land of Oz
They shared what they were doing
What works they were accruing
Some poems the father had written
With photography, the son was smitten
Then a joint epiphany
It was serendipity
Put them in one book
How would that look?
One poem with one photo, they conceived
How would that be received?
They ran the idea past a Muse
Who said the work needed many hues
They did three
Just to see
Off to a Publisher, they went
To a Critic, their work was sent
They waited in trepidation
For the result of this examination
The Publisher and Critic liked what they did see
But said, must do fourty, not just three.
This they then did do
For them to review
Then a Cover Designer did supply
Something most pleasing to the eye
And here we are, not yet done
For yet, there is more to come
Volume II sits with poems, photos and themes
Volume III is full of dreams

scam at old river.jpg

Scam at Old River

Jack Rhodes’ PTSD started the day his parents got killed. He was five. 

Now he is a corporate forensic consultant.

He is attacked in his San Francisco apartment, at four fifteen am. where he is in bed with a beautiful woman, Debbie.

The attacker, a bouncer from a strip club, called The Fun Factory, had been sent to find her.

There is a brawl. Jack is a trained fighter. The woman assists but vanishes leaving a note thanking Jack, warning him, and implicating Magna Real Estate.

Freddie, Jack’s cousin, who works at SFPD explains how dangerous the people are at the Fun Factory. SFPD has no knowledge of wrongdoing at Magna. 

Jack is concerned about Debbie and joins Magna in a bid to find her.

He gets intimately involved with one of Magna’s prospects, an older woman, Stella. 

The link between Magna and the Fun Factory he stumbles across in a chance meeting.

Both women are strong characters. Each having experiences and skills which Jack respects.

Book no.1
Book no.2
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